Tactile typing sounds

I thought I would post some typing sounds of tactile keyboards in particular, since those are all of my builds. From factory stock to full-custom.

I’ve been experimenting with Ergo Clears, and have enough to start with even there.

The first keyboard is a Heavy Ergo Clear on a Leopold. Here are the details:

Board: Leopold FC900R PD
Switch: Ergo Clear: 60/62 G gold-plated springs from 1UpKeyboards. They actuate at 60 and bottom-out at 62-65. Lubed with 3204. Novelkeys MX Clear.
Dampening Material: Stock Leopold
Stabilizers: Stock stabilizers, lubed.
Keycaps: GMK Honeywell R1.

Normal Typing:

Typing [Louder]:

Casual Typing: