Tactiles for people who like bottoming out

There is another build in my near future, but I’m having trouble with picking the switch. I really like the level of tactile click and the weight of browns, but I’m a very hard typer. I bottom out a lot of switches: typing this while bottoming out Kailh Box Blacks. What recommendations would you guys have for a further bottom-out yet light tactility switch? If it helps, I’ve had my eyes on Halo Trues from Massdrop.

Personally, I dont like stock cherry browns, but I did some modding of my own and really like what differences other companies brown does.
For example, 2 of the better ones that I have tried would be the kailh or greetech brown stem in a zeal v2 bottom housing and a top housing of your choice for the preferred sound profile. Sounds like a bunch of money, and it arguably is, but man does that shit sound so good and feel like what browns were really meant to be. They dont feel like a clear, more just like a rounder and longer brown that is somehow better.

For a while I was trying to imagine what a “bunch of money” would sound like, before realising you were just trying to say that it’d be expensive. I’m not terribly sharp today

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Good lord. These probably feel amazing but there is no way I am affording them any time soon.

Halo Trues user here - they’re lovely switches but probably the opposite of what you want, at least in theory. They are designed to discourage bottoming-out with a graduated spring weight that starts out medium and ends quite heavy - but then again, maybe that’s just what you need. The tactility is pretty mild and at the top, while the spring itself gets pretty heavy after you leave the bump.

Yeah I might be making a board with these or with zeal v1 stems in it soon, rip the wallet even more now. But it will be the weirdest modded switches that I can make so I will love it lol

Why not go with same switch but lubed differently or with different spring? If you want lighter tactility, try lubing the legs. Unless you are in habit of pressing keys hard, consider using lighter spring to change bottom out feel.

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I have some of the Halo and Hako true and clear switches from a Novelkeys sampler pack. They are definitely harder to bottom out but I am badly trained typist and I slam them all the way down regardless. I am trying to learn to touch type with a lighter touch. I think those are nice switches and not too expensive at about 10/$5.

Gonna echo what other folks in this thread have said: probably best to find a tactile where you like the bump and then experiment with different lubing/springs. You honestly might end up enjoying a tactile with a progressive spring in it? Maybe try some Zilents with a progressive spring, so the bottom-out is not only cushioned by the padding on the bottom of the stem but also by the increase in resistance in the spring.

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On this note, if you’re looking to save a little bit vs buying Zeal’s premium stuff, you can get silenced Outemu stems from hbheroinbob on reddit by themselves, assuming you end up with some other housing to put them into for experimenting.

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