Taeha Types' 5K Giveaway!

3 weeks ago, I broke 5K subscribers on my YouTube channel and it was a major milestone for me. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the enthusiasts here and as promised I am holding a giveaway in celebration of this event!

Please watch the video and read the description box for full giveaway details:


  1. Duck Jetfire built with Outemu Skies (Must be present on live stream on Feb 10th)
  2. Acrylic Duck Unicorn kit (Must be present on live stream on Feb 10th)
  3. RAMA M6-B (check my Instagram for more details)
  4. RAMA artisan keycaps and USB-C cable
  5. ZealPC $100 Giftcard
  6. Novelkeys $100 Giftcard
  7. ZealPC $50 Giftcard (x2)
  8. x200 Retooled Blacks from Novelkeys

The giveaway will run until Sunday February 10th 3:30pm PST and the winners to all will be announced on my Twitch stream shortly after!


Whoah buddy! Gonna have a hard time upping the ante for future giveaways! Very awesome of you, Zeal, Mike from NK, Rama, & your mod who donated the Jetfire! You guys rock! I’m starting a job today but sun just became a definite day I can’t work LOL. :metal: