Tall progressive springs? (Slow Curve + Progressive)

This might be a silly question but I was wondering if there was anything out there that resembled the feel of slow curve (I love me some Gateron Yellows) with the bouncy sensation progressive springs give?

Based on my small collection of switches, trying Sprit progression springs, and looking at and reading about spring differences I imagine this spring would look like a taller progressive spring given that slow curve springs are tall with preload. Perhaps it would feel nothing like I imagine but I figured I throw the question out there to see what folks know or think.



I’m no expert on springs but I don’t think it’s physically possible. :thinking:

slow curve spring is tall so put it in a switch, the spring will be “pre-compressed” and when you press the switch, you can already feel the resistance (more than normal spring) and the compression of the spring when you bottom-out the switch is only a little more intensified.

progressive spring would have a little to no compression in a switch, pressing it would give little resistance, bottoming-out the switch make the resistance change way more than the slow curve.

it’s just my speculation, I could be wrong though. :smile:

:thinking: Well I was thinking a taller spring (like a slow curve spring) have that pre-compression but just keep the asymmetrical coils that progressive springs have (they get denser towards one end). I wish there was a good way for me to test this but I suppose that goes into prototyping with a factory territory and I don’t think have the capital to pay for that :frowning:

I’m not sure how I missed that thread on springs. Gotta do my own digging now, lol. I see what you mean - there is either an asymmetrical coil or a tall spring but not both together afaik. You might just have to start playing around with differently weighted progressive springs for now to get close to what you want.

I don’t know if it’s what you looking for but SPRiT has a new complex spring thats a mix of progressive and something else.

I have heard and read about them - looks like they’re a combo of regular linear and progressive. They’re not the same length as slow curve springs :thinking: I might pick some up the next time I need to buy switch modding supplies.

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