Tapatalk integration

couldnt find keebtalk on tapatalk. id personally like to see that change

Why do you need Tapatalk? Discourse already works great on mobile

Yeah, it currently works great on mobile. You don’t really need Tapatalk. My only complain, which I’ve even feedback to the developer themselves, is that the font on mobile is too damn small. But the dev didn’t care about making font larger. Sad.

That’s an easy fix with CSS :slight_smile: I have volunteered to help with that. I do think the font size should be upped a bit and have a bit more spacing between stuff.

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Please… get that fixed and you’re my hero.

How do you get push notifications though? pretty important for many artisan threads etc. if we ever want to have those here. Like ETF does his birbs through push notifications.

With the app.

There are a healthy amount of notification options under your user settings. Could this suffice over tapatalk? Especially since the site already has stellar support for mobile?

there’s a keebtalk app? not seeing it…

Discourse is the forum platform.

iOS app: ‎Discourse Hub on the App Store
Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discourse&hl=en

thx. now got that going

But Discourse only redirects to a browser window?!? That seems pretty darn useless imho :S