Tealios v2 or Gat Ink Black

hello, i am kinda new at this. i wanna build my first keyboard and i plan to use tealios v2 or gateron ink black for the keyboard. but i am kinda confused which one is better? thank you


They’re both very good, the biggest difference is probably sound, maybe check out some typing tests on both and see what you like better? I think the tealios might be better if you don’t plan to lube, but I haven’t used inks in some time, someone else might remember better than me.


Hello and welcome!

Well - those are two top-shelf linears, so I don’t think you could go wrong with either.

That said, I prefer Inks myself. It might be worth seeking out some sample packs and see which you like. I will say that while they’re not cheap, Inks do cost significantly less than Tealios. Ultimately they’re both manufactured by Gateron, and they’re both excellent. Agreed with @dwarflemur that the biggest difference is probably in sound - both are super smooth.


Always the best plan imo

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Sample pack is also a good idea if you’re not sure about spring weight (and not planning to spring swap). Each line of switches has slightly different ‘stock’ spring weights, which may factor into your decision.

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Don’t know if you’re still looking, but as someone who very recently tried both, I can say that the Tealios feel and sound better. Honestly, all up to your preferred pricing.