Teaser: I can make cool graphs now

Anyone want to take any guesses what switch this is?


65g Zealio?

edit: oh wait, maybe the 67g Zealio V2 you just reviewed?

Cherry clear?


Hmm, very reminiscent of Hatta’s force curve for V1 78g Zealios. So I’m gonna say V2 67g Zealios?

We got a winner folks :smiley:

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I could actually just imagine that keypress and feel it. I guess i need to get a life, lol


I am happy to see this moving along nicely

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I was going to say 62g zealio V2s haha. Maybe those need to go next @Manofinterests :wink:

Maybe I should do a weekly force curve graph quiz :thinking:


I’m struck by how close this result is to HaaTa’s curve right out of the gate. Between calibrating the new device and switch variance, I would have expected more of a difference. Pretty cool.


Are you able to graph rubber domes?

Nice to see more curves!

Fun fact:

I’m pretty sure the newest windows update broke everything since I can no longer get data to read from the machine :upside_down_face:

Will be spending this week and weekend fixing it before more force graphs. Most likely will take a fresh install of Excel and the data software.

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Big oof, but like a sad oof.

When DOESN’T Windows break something? Next thing you know, 18213 is going to break File Manager.

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Well, the October 2018 update kinda-sorta did this. Before they recalled and reissued it, the update did delete personal files with very little chance of recovery :upside_down_face:

Great news! I fixed everything


@Manofinterests I’m wondering if you’ve done force curve graphs for zealio or zilent V2s? I’m curious how they compare to holy pandas!