Tecsee Pistachios (new material?)

Inadvertently came across these, and haven’t seen anything about HPE here yet, I think.


HPE is a new and upgraded material from the very popular UHMWPE that’s has been widely used in recently released Switches. Many UHMWPE Switch users reported the stem because it is too soft, with time it can get smaller and loose.

The new HPE material features a soft, smooth feeling and comfort without deforming as easily as the old version.

[It’s in GB phase]


Color wise I guess “Dragonfruit” was taken. Definitely curious about any potential improvements to UHMWPE!

(Edit: looking at the actual photos, these totally have the right colors for pistachios-with-shells.)

Is there a reason why everything on this website is severely overpriced? Am I overlooking something?

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70 Koalas - $70


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I am interested in purchasing these but I don’t think the price is justified


Same. We can probably expect other HPE switches from Tecsee, though.

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The shop seems to be in the Dominican Republic (according to the KT shops list), which might explain the prices. Everything tends to be expensive on the islands.


Ah, that does make a lot of sense - and definitely a lot more palatable than something like cynical gouging.

Reminds me of a video I watched years ago about how things like imported video games are crazy high-priced in places like Brazil, totally disproportionate to cost of living, etc.

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