Tecsee Sapphire Switch Review

Hey all,

It’s that time again - yet another switch review carried down from the mountain tops. Even though I’m moving 12 hours away on Wednesday, I couldn’t help but get one last review out from amidst all these boxes for you all. So, enjoy the review and stunning photos of the Tecsee Sapphire tactile switches.

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Thank you all for the continued love and support. Can’t wait to get everything back together and back to posting switches from the new place! (Maybe I’ll even send some pictures of the place when it isn’t just switches and boxes strewn about everywhere…)


P.S.: And yes, these do in fact look that good in person.


Getting some heavy speedboat vibes off these, and they’re tactile. Be still my impulsive spending ways.

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Impulsivity won the day, and the price from Amazon was decent.

Speedboat switches are en-route.

I do like the two other switches from them I have, the Powder Blues and the Porcelain Blues and find them to be both rather decent. Especially considering the price point.


They do look like speedboats!

Now there’s a keeb finish I could get behind. 1970’s metal-flake - and not that subtle stuff like we have now - I mean jab-your-eyes-out sparkly. IC photos should include a guy with a mullet and a tallboy can of PBR.


Get someone to airbrush some cool stuff on the sides.