TelFiRE here


Hello there, I am TelFiRE, you can find me on Discord, as Tel_FiRE on Reddit, and as TelFiREgames on Instagram. For those who don’t know me, I am a huge fan of tactile keyboards. I also love the color lime green.

I collect green artisan keycaps. I also collect stickers and pins. In general I am a huge fan of collecting and trading, going all the way back to POGs and all manner of trading cards. Keycaps, stickers, and pins all appeal to me because they are small and I can carry all my collections in one box.

Currently I have only a KBD75, because I have 3 boards that I’m in the middle of procrastinating building/changing, an EXENT, a TKC 1800, and my old XD84. I can’t wait for DSA Plague to ship, and I expect it to be my favorite keyset. Currently I am rocking a black on GSF DSA set, using some Hana Matcha accents and a Deathcaps gamer set called “Serum”. I also have GMK Terminal, JTK Toxic, and DSA Deep Space waiting for the boards I’m working on. I used to have Troubled Minds, but the SA profile just isn’t for me.

My current favorite switch is MOD-SH with a 67g spring…I’d get MOD-M, but I neeeed the green stems :stuck_out_tongue: I definitely am a fan of lubing, stuff that comes “factory lubed” has never proven to be enough for my tastes. I just discovered Box Royals at a meet, they felt pretty great. I’ll probably be buying and lubing some of those and evaluating them to potentially be my new switch of choice. I am also a pretty big fan of Zealios. I wish I had not spent so long on Cherry MX Brown keyboards, because they are an inferior tactile switch! Regarding linears, I just don’t get the same satisfaction out of them that I do a tactile. And as for clickies, the noise gets to me before too long, and I also just don’t find the bumps in any of the clickies I’ve tried to be as satisfying as tactiles.

Full Collection Pic

Meetup Album

These are some pictures of some stuff that were taken at the recent meetup in Lehi, Utah. I’m the dude with the red beard in the Orochi shirt.


Good stuff, my dude! Welcome to Keebtalk!

I love all the personal preferences you provided. It’s always really cool to me to see how others view things, versus just my own views. :slight_smile:


hello! lime green fan but no GMK TA Royal Alpha? :thinking:


Yeah, I’m afraid although I like lime green a lot, I don’t really like dark green at all. I also lean toward dark sets over light sets. When I get Plague, I will only be using its mods and novelties.


hmm if this isn’t lime then i don’t know what is :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s definitely lime green, I just don’t like the white or the dark green.


ah i see, i guess you can always mix and match but no point shelling for a set if you only use the mods


Great to meet you at the UT meetup dude! Glad you came all the way out for it!


Went to my phone to follow you on there and realized I was already following :slight_smile:



An, another fine connoisseur of green. I consider myself an aficionado of this fine color as well, though not as particular as you for I am welcoming of most shades of green, be it Royal Alpha, Nuke Data, Lime, Hana Matcha, or even Mint Dolch.


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