Testing whether the Band-Aid mod makes a difference

Tl;dr - Stab sliders do sometimes hit the PCB depending on the size of the keycap and how you hit it. I still only think this kind of mod is worth doing if you’re using silenced switches, because otherwise the noise wouldn’t bother me when it happens.

The band aid mod seeks to solve the problem of the stabilizer sliders hitting the PCB, making a tapping sound. By sticking a softer material such as a piece of Band-Aid to the PCB under the stabilizer, this tapping sound is meant to be silenced somewhat.

In this video I will explore whether that problem is real by testing it with the most popular types of stabilizers.

Additionally, I will discuss when I think this mod is and isn’t useful.


Even on an unsilenced build, the additional noise can bother me if it’s disproportionately loud compared to other keys, but the results here make it difficult to believe that the stab sliders are the source of that additional sound.

Great stuff, @Walkerstop!

Tried that on my first “custom”, a Drop CTRL with Rosélios, and it felt bad and mushy. Removed the bandaids quite fast. Granted, on a CTRL, stabs are plate mounted. Maybe that’s different.

Haven’t “bandaided” my other keyboards, including a DZ60 with the Rosélios taken from the CTRL (which now sports box whites), and they feel great.

To me, avoiding mushy feel is much more important than avoiding some slight infrequent bottom out stab noise.

I quite like the feeling that bandaided stabs provide, but the longevity of them is a definite concern. I’m still not entirely sure how they’ll stand up to time. If there was a rubber alternative, akin to what’s used in silenced switches, I’d be all over that. RAMA please release stab

Hi all, as someone pointed out, the title of my post was a little misleading because what I really tested was whether the stab sliders ever hit the PCB, not whether the Band-Aid mod does anything. I agree, that was too much of an assumption.

Really the band aid mod can make a difference even if the stab sliders don’t always hit the PCB. That’s because the band aid material can compress when you mount the keycap, so when you’re typing the slider can touch the band aid even if it wouldn’t usually touch the PCB. I didn’t cover this in my video but it’s something I’ve noticed after doing the mod a few times.

As for whether the band aid mod is worth it, that’s down to personal preference and like I said in the video, I prefer to only do it on silenced builds.

Sorry for any confusion that might have caused! Hopefully you can see the value of testing whether the stab hits the PCB which is really what I tested.