TEX Shinobi on TaeKeyboards

@CosmicKira Check it out - Tae shining some limelight on the Shinobi.

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Saw that one and I defiantly agree with a lot that was said.

DIY, is the way to go. That way you can take it from being a ok/good board to being a good/grate board.

The things that I would still like to see changed are:

  1. Double shot keycaps. (Preferably Cherry profile, as I found the ADA caps quite polarizing to type on and I’ve been using SA, for the last 4-5 years. Also, the cherry profile is more akin to the look of an old ThinkPad keyboard.)
  2. FN double press to lock the FN layer.
  3. An option for a metal housing.

Did you grind your keycaps to get around the crosspoint? did you find a way to finish them to a point where it didn’t look super crusty? also how much fade did you incur on the original caps?

Tex Shinobi build
Tex Shinobi build continued

Pretty sure none of the audio came across, when I uploaded the video clips from my phone to imgur.