TGR Alice Linear Battle: Healios vs Tealios v2 vs Vintage Blacks


Hey Fellas,

I posted a couple days ago for first time. The post was about being disappointed with Healios built in my TGR Alice. A companion gave me the idea of doing a dry test so I could choose a switch before soldering.
I documented the process and now I’m sharing it with you guys.

For the record: I chose the Tealios v2. They feel and sound amazing! I still need to eliminate a squeaky spring sound that come from some switches. Lubing the spring will do the job?

Sorry about my heavy fingers but here is the test:
Linear Battle

Also, I’d love some recommendation on a keyset. I’m looking for some nice plastic to throw on the Alice, the thing is the split spacebar makes it hard to find blank keycaps for that specific area. I’m a little bit ocd about, I need my spacebars to be blank…right now I’m rocking with a cheap(not that cheap) imitation of muted. Any idea of what I should put on this beauty?




DanielT from Deskthority has the set on some boards:


Thanks! I like the way it looks. I noticed that the keyset on the board have icon mods…it looks even better.


Yeah I’m considering getting a Q:01 for my Alice as well. I think it’ll be great.


PBT Muted is one of my favorite sets, despite it’s shortcomings.


Yeah, it’s a great set, especially for the price. What I like the most about its the icon mods, I always prefer keycaps with Icons.