[TH][H] Yui660c CB v1 - a custom Fc660c case prototype [W] PayPal

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/aT0tORV

Review/Discussion: Yui660c CB v1 Prototype Discussion 24.1.2021 - YouTube

Typing test: Yui660c CB v1 Typing Test 24.1.2021 - YouTube

Price: 300 USD including fees + worldwide shipping (to most coutries)

Kit Includes: Case top, case bottom, bump on’s, stand offs, screws, extended cable for daughter board, cone feet

Material: Aluminum case top and aluminum case bottom. Both of the pieces were anodized but there was no surface treatment done. This is why the machine marks are still visible.

Notes: This is a 1 of a kind prototype and no others of these will ever be made. This board is the same as the one in the discussion video and the typing test, however, it has been anodized to protect against oxidization. Does not include the daughter board. the picture with the daughter board is to show fitment f the daughter board. And I have tested the daughter board cable to confirm it is 100% functional.