Thanks for this fountain of knowledge 😊

Hi there,

I’m new here, came looking for advice after buying my first mechanical keyboard (Dygma Raise) and finding it too loud…thanks to all the keyboard switch and keycap discussion (@Deadeye and @pixelpusher’s reviews in particular), I am now the proud owner of

  • Gazzew Boba U4s (65g)

  • Outemu Silent Lime/Lemon

  • Outemu Silent Peach

  • Gazzew Bobagum (68g, in the mail arriving today)

  • YMDK cherry keycaps

  • Epomaker XDA keycaps

  • XVX keycaps (XVX profile, my favourite so far)

Inconveniently I have only one keyboard to try these all out on while I also learn to touch type (rather late in life, ahem, if anyone knows how to get Epistory to work on an M1 Mac let me know).

I have one question remaining…are there any aesthetically pleasing small Macropads around that are easy to program on a Mac (without having to use a PC first)? All I could find is the
Kiwikeebs Macroboard in purple, and I’m not a fan of purple (at that price anyway). I just want 6 keys and a volume knob…or just 9 keys…

I have a cheapy from EBay, but can’t work out how to program it and the seller isn’t quite as responsive as I had hoped with their advice, and I think I’ll need a PC (that’s going to be a fun conversation with IT at work).


No knob tho.:point_up_2:

If you can handle DIY. :point_down:

I would like one of those jawn now that I found it.

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Oh yeah the Rama looks nice, and would probably do, but it might be a tad bit out of my price range… :relieved:

I don’t think I’m ready for DIY yet :upside_down_face: give me a couple more weeks …:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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