The ABM648 keyboard kit has finally been designed!

This has been available on KPRepublic and Aliexpress for almost a year.

The badge is not very good looking, and the fixed 64 key layout is a major downside of this. You would sell a lot more if it supported more layouts.


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EDIT: First pic is from KPrepublic

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So, is Tina repping a site that’s re-selling KP’s copy-cat a Dolch.CR?

The badge is completely different.


Badge being the least concerning of the problems that you listed (2u left shift? Hard pass). I’m mostly concerned with Tina’s apparent existence as an AliExpress storefront ad injection account.

That was sarcasm. Lol.


Right over my head. I went back and forth, sarcasm or serious, and choose… poorly. :smiley:

This is a supplier that works with me.

This looks alike, but it’s not the same.

Because this is not the same keyboard, but the appearance is more similar.

Hahaha, I am not from AliExpress, but I do have my own website

I am used to everyone’s free speech, just respect…