The AF SA Profile - a sorta review

Does it go away or do you get used to it with that tiny amount of stickiness? I tried wiping them with a wet cloth, it goes away for a bit and comes back lmao.

ahh shizz… i mean i wouldnt mind slightly taller, as long it doesnt feel or look weird i guess.

You can judge…

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aifei sa and an actual sa keycap as an enter? cool! looks not bad tbh, appreciate too btw

Clone SA keycaps that were bundled with a relative’s AliExpress keyboard were also somewhat sticky to the touch.

I think it’s a property of the materials and moulding process. I actually found it helpful for typing.

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I would say, the slight stickiness stays, but nothing to worry about. It does not feel weird or so.

On close inspection, the AFSA keycaps seem to have some micro texture; much smaller than Drop MT3 keycaps. If we are truly dealing with a new ABS-PBT mixture, this micro texture may explain the slight stickiness which appears new to our community. That adhesive property may be caused by a mechanism similar to the setae on the toes of a gecko.

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Ahh i see, would you say proper SA keycaps from like Domikey would they have the same issue?

ouu i see interesting. then if the more expensive sa keycaps like domikey, would they have the same issue? or the finishing is different?

Finally picked up a set of these. I bought the SA Amber screen clone. It’s definitely worth the $37 I paid (including shipping). Got it on sale and there was some extra promotion on AliExpress that saved me even more.

As other said, it feels most similar to MG when typing, largely due to the unique boxey-spherical sculpture on the keys.

The only complaint I have with my set is that it only comes with 1 7u space bar and it is in the accent color. So I don’t have an option to use the alpha color. Also, that space bar isn’t particularly straight.

Still a nice set for the price. I do think I will eventually buy the SA version when the extras hit Drop this summer. The modifiers are a bit more tan on the clone set, and the alphas have a warmer tone as well. Doesn’t look as good with a silver board as the real version.


Hello sir, please can you share link the store ?
I want to buy it too

This is the store I bought them from. It looks like they’ve gone up in price a few dollars but still a good price. Lots of options. I purchased kit 12


Great review! :100:

You bought Kit 12? That’s the one that interested me.

I almost picked it up this sale, but I went for something else.

This looks like a great set at a good price. But I don’t recommend anyone buy it at list price. It always goes down about $5 during sales, and sometimes there are additional discounts.

I think it goes down to about $47 CAD during sales, with an additional $5-7 for shipping.

Personally, this is a really good price for quality keycaps of any profile. I think the fake Amber set would go well with a dark charcoal/jade semi-transparent keyboard, which is what I would buy it for.


Also, I hope MG Voodoo ends up on that page :smile:

Some other boards. The Command65 is kinda nice. I think several people on here own that one for color reference.

The CA66 is a match for the mods. The aesthetic is wrong though. I get a vintage cyber warfare vibe from the set and the board is a more luxury look. Still, not bad.

The TKL Classic looks right. Has that more complicated bezel to compliment the stark contrasting theme of the alphas and mods. I get a Matrix Lab vibe from it.

Harsh lighting in the last two makes the alphas a bit darker than in real life. I’ve used these caps on several boards now. They work well an just about any switch I’ve tried. Would be great if these clone makers would design their own unique colorways.

This photo is very close to color accurate.


Wonderful photos. If I get the set, I’ll try to post one on dark transparent jade.

Taunting me with the Command 65. Seriously considered one, even though I have no need for it.

Top mount, polycarb plate, what’s not to like? It would be great with lubed Zealio V1R.

Anyway, I guess it would look alright on a beige NCR-80 too. Too bad they never got “cool gray” right.

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Ha. I keep hoping for a new revision with that gray. It’s a dream board.

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I saw 2 new colors pop up for the profile, I haven’t looked around so they could have existed for a while
Pictures are from dooo keyboard store on aliexpress


I also bought this set (at ~US$31 delivered!). The mods are a lovely warm grey, and are a great addition if you already bought the big red-white-blue set and want a classic IBM-style colourway…


Oh wow that does look nice!