The AVA - An alice-style 65% keyboard

I was browsing mechgroupbuys and came across this board:

  • 6 degree typing angle

  • No right shift (replaced by a delete key to the right of the arrow cluster)

  • Gasket Mounted

  • Comes in some nice colors, all for the same price (including e-white/yellow)

  • Included brass weight for “earlybird special”, normally an addon

  • Whole purchasing experience is similar to the Kara in terms of modularity

Honestly, as someone who never really uses right sift except for question marks, I might grab this. I like the e-yellow and have yet to build an alice-style ergo for myself (made one for my dad). What do you guys think?

No specific product page so here’s the case which has a bundle near the bottom:


had to look it up, the right shift would absolutely be a dealbreaker for me, looks nice otherwise. Tbh I thought the alice layout was like a fun meme there for a while and I have a board with it that is like fine and I use sometimes but I thought we were over those, I probably wouldn’t get another.

I’ve never heard of the vendor and there was absolutely no info on the site so like idk about that either.


any links avail?

Whoops. Edited my post.

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If you don’t have an Alice, this is a nice option. I don’t really use the right shift either, so I would be ok with this board as well. It is technically still there, you just have to reach a little extra far for it. Personally, I don’t think I would use it as shift. Map it to like delete or something.

The extra key on the left little cluster is nice. This would not really be a huge selling point for me as I barely remember that the ones on my Alice are there.

Arrow keys are great, and the main selling point of this board. If your interested, I would jump on. However I will say that the Alice layout works really well for mapping Space as “space when tapped”, “function/layer1 when held”. This allows you to map keys like WASD or IJKL as arrows on the second layer. The smaller space bars of the Alice make this really comfortable to use. Once you get used too it, your hands don’t need to leave the home row a lot for arrows, and the next thing you know, you barely ever use your dedicated arrow keys. They are still nice to have for some situations, but your use will go way down.

The biggest down side of this layout I see, is that is Alice-like but unique. If you get an Alice pcb, you could likely change the case at some point in the future. This is more a one and done situation.

Cheers! and good luck!


Can you set that spacebar when held thing in VIA or do I have to go mess with actual QMK?

It is in VIA. I think it is under Macros or Advanced. One of the options.

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Alright, Thanks!

I was compelled enough to get in on this. Never ordered from Sneakbox :crossed_fingers:

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Sneakbox has been a solid vendor AFAIK. That’s not to say that a GB can’t go tits up regardless of the GB runner’s reputation. I wouldn’t worry to much though, it’s not their first GB.

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looking at this as a first Alice based board! The shipping date caught my eye as pretty reasonable so I think I’m hoppin on board :smiley:


Yeah, I’m excited about it. They sell foam too, don’t lose sight of that if that’s something that appeals to you


This is a really nice & affordable Alice like IMHO. The missing R Shift kinda throws me off, but I was gonna jump on one of these myself till managed to get a spot for a Monoflex. Definitely looking forward to seeing how those of you who get this like it when they start to make it to customers!

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How was it? Did not having the right shift feel weird? I totally need more ergo in my life and saw this thread so I thought I’d better double check.

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I actually never built mine. I went down the deep rabbit hole of 40s. I may build it for a friend at some point.


I wasn’t in on the original GB - but I did pick this up recently, and it’s a beautiful board. I went e-white, and it’s the buttery smooth anno - just nice.

Commenting specifically on the right shift - I’m playing with the board here and there, but I miss the right shift pretty regularly, hitting the up arrow. Another thread mentioned using tap-dance to configure how the up arrow could pull double-duty, so I need to evaluate that route.

I was interested in trying out an ergo board, but also wanted something with staying power - so was delighted to see this in-stock. Shipped right away, and after my own mis-understanding about the lower-left LEDs (I thought they’d be perma-lit, but they’re indicators for Caps, Num, Scroll) - Bryan/Muji was quick to reply to my email - :+1: from me on support.


Dude thanks for the feedback and reminder about the the up arrow maybe doubling for the right shift. Yup, it’s a beaut for sure. Ugh, decisions decisions.

I ended up building mine. After a few iterations, and using the poron gaskets and a few layers of tape on the PCB, I’m very happy with it.