The Cool Board Season 4 Coming Soon

For those who may remember, once upon a time I used to make content on this little known site known as Youtube. :smiley: . I also used to do somewhat regular streams on Twitch.

Well I’ll be returning with one of my favorite series: The Cool Board!

Here’s a teaser on what you might expect for the first episode of Season 4:

The original board will return and together we can all find out how cool various boards really are!

For those who may not have caught The Cool Board back in the day, it’s a stream I have on twitch (with the VOD available on youtube later) where I discuss various boards and together we rank where they fall on The Cool Board.

I plan to more tightly edited versions uploaded on Youtube after the streams to make it easier to watch for anyone who missed out on the streams.

Schedule? I’m still finalizing a schedule, but I do plan on hosting a Cool Board 2-3 times a month. Sometimes I’ll be alone, and sometimes I might be joined by a guest from the community to talk about various keyboards and how cool they really are.

I have the first episode planned out, but I’m always looking for suggestions for what everyone wants to talk about to see if their board is too cool for school :sunglasses: . If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them below! If there are other content creators you like to watch regularly, feel free to recommend them to me below and hopefully I can do an episode with them in the future as well!

I’ll have more concrete announcements on the date/time of the first episode as well as the upcoming scheduling soon, but I hope to see some of you in twitch chat arguing why your, my, or our board is YIKES, MEH, COOL, or WOW!

Hope to see y’all there on Twitch or in the YT comments soon!

If you’re interested in seeing what this chaos was like, this VOD of a previous season episode I did is a pretty fun take on the chaos:


Season 4 Episode 1 Will be on Saturday 12/2/23 at 2:00PM Pacific!


Yes, the cool board was some of my favorite streams, super glad to see you’re gonna do it again!

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Season 4 Episode 1 will be LIVE tomorrow on Twitch!

Saturday 2:00PM Pacific! 12/2/23

I’m still working on a schedule, but it probably won’t be finalized until after the holiday season :sweat_smile:


let’s gooooooo