The first "TRUE" multi-layout keyboard

Hi Everyone, My name is Gary, the designer of G-Concept, my studio had been join together with Gugu Studio. So our new studio called G-square Studio means G-Concept x Gugu.

Last year I had launched Vintage 80s, 980mini and Space Trek. Only Space Trek had sold internationally. The reason is the Vintage80s is too big and heavy to ship.


The upgrade version of vintage80s

Space Trek

After this I had spent nearly a year to prepare the Vintage60s! The Vintage60s is a fresh design on the current market, which can support HHKB, 60, 64, 68 and 84keys. Simply just change the top plate and re-positioning the pcb. Let see the pictures below to explain more clearly

With HHKB top plate

With 60% top plate


With 68% top plate

without any top plate

All the parts and bits is included in the standard package, user can change around themselve. Pcb will comes with 2 pieces, one of them is hot-key swap, and the other is multi keyset.

Let see the actual proto-type

The outter shape is kinda the vintage typewriter design which is my fav! With the pvd bits, which will look more elegrant. This time I had add a little gadget, this idea is originally from the old IBM keyboard, which is the “Solenoid valve”. This can imitate the sound of the old typewriters, which is noise, but FUN! The Solenoid can be turn off whenever you don’t want it.

Full re-programmable with Qmk/VIA, pcb do not have bluetooth, but with bluetooth ready, I have leave a port to connect an external bluetooth, the case has place for the battery.

This is my new project, and I hope you will like it. The Vintage60s will up om sell in dec, the actual date not fix yet. the CNC and pvd had finished already, and the case is waiting to put the color coating. Once is done, I will update the details and pic asap.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any comment, please feel free to leave me a messsage. Thanks


Pretty interesting concept for swapping the top to allow such variety in layouts.

I like the vintage vibe. Any ideas on what colors/finishes you will offer?

Also, can you share information about the mount style?

Thank you for you reply! At the moment, it is available in black, tiffany green, olivia pink, vintage write, and cement gray. The mount style is top mount. Originally my idea is gasket mount which is difficult to make on this design, as the pcb and the positioning plate needs the move around when you change to different layout,so I finally change my mind the make top mount instead.

Vintage white, is that cream or beige or? Will you have more to share as far as renders and photos?

Where do you plan to sell this? Do you have a vendor or your own site?

Sorry for all the questions. I’m curiuos b/c I love vintage looks.

You are welcome to ask any question, and I am happy with that. This is my honor to have your interest on my design.

Vintage white is kinda like cream, but lighter. The product is being color coating now, once its done, I will post more pictures on keentalk.

My website i under construction now, and hopefully will launch soon.

It will be available in dec in China. But I am currently looking for an agent to sell ithis internationally. Once I found one, I guess they will put another ic post.

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These definitely tap into the retro modern look I enjoy.

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thank you :grin:

I really enjoy the vintage80s. It shares a lot of the look and feel to the hb-85 which I love. Even the space trek has a nice look to it.

I appreciate your use of front-facing LEDs as accents; I feel like that’s underutilized in the hobby.

Thank you so much for your interest. I also have the HB85, which is one of my fav keyboard. I personally like to try something new and different everytime, and hopefully I can bring up some fun stuff in the near future.