The Future of Switch Pullers

I received one of these last week and got the opportunity to test it out over the weekend – I can’t recommend it more highly. It is very strong, stable, unbending, and has the perfect dimensions to securely grab a switch without damaging it. My only complaint is that the puller is a bit thin where you handle it (not really a problem once you figure out how to hold it), but that can be fixed with plastic dips, sugru, layers of shrink wrap, etc. They really put Rama’s implementation to shame, and forgo the need to mod a pair of generic IC pullers.

The puller recently dropped on a few NA storefronts. It sold out in seconds on CannonKeys, but I was able to grab one on Mech.Land (CA vendor) a few days later. I think that Wuque used these small allotments to gauge interest in the product, and plan to continuously produce them (albeit at a higher price, maybe $20?).

If you run across one of these switch pullers in stock, don’t hesitate to pick it up.


I was worried about the hardness of titanium putting deep scratches on the plate. Have you notice it scratching more than the standard pullers?


Oh man - this is exactly what I’m looking for. Can’t wait until they make more!

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I’ve only tried it on a POM and FR4 plate so far without incident. I’ll have to try an aluminum plate and gulp, my PVD coated brass U80-A plate to be sure.

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In any try this Wuque puller and can offer an opinion?

I have always stuck with the standard green plastic dipped ones, but mine just broke after almost 3 years in the game.


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Yep; I bought one after seeing it on this post, and it’s the best puller I’ve used by a mile.

Removing JWKs from an NK65 aluminum plate would annihilate one of those stamped sheet pullers, but the titanium ones don’t even show a hint of bending. They’re also less likely to gouge your plates, not having sharp edges on the tines. I still have the same one and use it regularly - don’t even want to think about how many of the traditional ones I would have destroyed by now.

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Cool thanks @Deadeye! I am gonna grab one. The old BSUN housings are what killed mine. Got to say, I like my HolyPandas, but they are a plain to put into or take out of any plate. Almost think they are not worth it.

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Some switch / plate combos require a bit of technique to avoid damaging the switch clips - or at least to avoid it as much as possible. So far, I’ve gotten the most reliable results out of stuck switches with this:

Hook one end of the puller under the contact-side clip, and using a finger against the plate as leverage, apply some pressure towards the center of the switch, with a little upward pressure as well. (Also take care the end of the puller isn’t resting on the plate but instead your finger, or you may leave scratches.)

Do this with a slight wiggling motion until you hear / feel that clip pop-out, and then grip the whole switch as normal with the puller and wiggle slightly as you pull up. In some cases I have to do the finger-leverage thing to both clips individually and then pull the switch out, but for most releasing the contact-side clip first is enough.


I completely agree with @Deadeye on this; it’s 100% worth the $15-20 cost. Rarely does the hype live up to the product, but I couldn’t possibly express just how much better the Wuque puller is over every other one.

One word of caution: if you’re dealing with a particularly stuck switch, make sure the puller is carefully aligned and go slowly. In a battle between this switch puller and a switch, the puller will crush everything in its way on the path to victory.


This is a fantastic switch puller. Used my old Techflex trick to make it a little bit more awesome. As a bonus no longer sounds like a tunning fork when I drop it :wink:

(Mod: 2 layers of techflex, black heatshrink, then a final layer of techflex and heatshrink on the tips to keep it together, makes the handles about 8mm thick and very grippy / squishy about 8.5mm thick vs 4mm stock)

In progress

2 layers of Techflex with a layer of heat shrink over it.


I’ve been super pleased with this TX Switch Puller. It addresses my biggest complaints about the metal being too thin and bending where it engages with the switch.

Image stolen from the Divinikey website.


I think as long as they aren’t made of aluminum they’ll work well. Definitely steel or titanium is the way to go


These are the last switch pullers I ever see myself buying.


chonky boi :heart_eyes:

Now THIS kind of aluminum design would work