The Heavy-6: a Norbauer case for the FC660C


“Hunger is the best spice”

(NSFW, language)

(couldn’t resist, everytime my wife says the word Texas, I do my best to tell “TEXAS!” in my Sergeant Hartman voice)

Looking forward to next week, thanks for the update.


that looks amazing. fantastic cases, as always. btw will the Norbauer & Co badge be offered in different colors, or only purple and silver?

edit: found the earlier pictures and am glad you are matching to the case colors. will they be removable if we want to mix and match colors of badges and cases? :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you foreseeing another round w/in a year of this one? (I’m assuming it would be based on demand.) And any chance of the Black Anodized to be offered in the 2nd round?
Also, will you be liquidating your working prototypes?


I’m sorry to say that they aren’t swappable. My idea has been simply to try to pick colors that complemented the overall look or theme of the particular design. For example, for the Ferrari-style yellow, a red similar to that used on Ferrari engine blocks seemed a good pairing.

Here are the pairings:

  • Aerospace: gray
  • Retro Refrigerator: white
  • Aperture: gray
  • Motorsport: red
  • Monolith: deep purple

FWIW, the patch on the carry bag is Velcro-backed and swappable (compatible with things like Goruck products). Like my forthcoming TKL bag, it comes with my maker’s mark on it as a patch by default.

But I’ll also be offering patches like these separately (with apologies for the untidy, dusty, un-edited pics).

This style of metal-wire hand-embroidery is an ancient handicraft of India, which eventually made its way to Europe to become a traditional part of French and British military regalia and liturgical vestments. I’ve always loved it and am delighted now to have an excuse to finally put it on something. :blush:


The Aperture finish makes me so happy. Reminds me of the Leica gear my grandfather had in his old photo studio.


My vision is emerging from the depths… :eyes:

Putting together some composite images to test colour combinations and play with key layout using the /dev/tty1 Massdrop images. The particular tone and texture of Motorspot Yellow doesn’t work out for the aesthetic I’m working toward but I think Aerospace fits in perfectly…


can you show us the motorsport yellow with this cap set anyway? I’m debating between the yellow and silver. thanks


Yeah, sure. Shouldn’t take long.


Just a quick composite. The dimensions are very slightly off but it gets the look across.




Do you think you could do a render of the retro refrigerator with SA hyperfuse? and then one of the aperture with the grey topre hipro caps?

I think I’m going to be in for those two or perhaps just splurge for the steel PVD option.


I’ll consider it if @norbauer uploads face-on images of all of the Heavy-6 colorways. I can probably find a face-on shot of an FC660M with Hyperfuse caps without too much trouble and that’ll mostly match up. Good enough to understand how colours and such work out.

I’d prefer not to be crunching out images of every permutation of Heavy-6 colorway x keycaps set in existence, though. It’s actually pretty easy to put these images together if you know how to select the parts you want from an image, resize them and layer them on top of one-another, so my preference is that people just try to do this.

It’s a really helpful skill for everything from keyboard modding to interior decoration to clothes shopping. :+1:


Works for me. I’m SO in. I invoiced today - so I should see funds by Friday. Awesome work, Ryan.


Just got good news back from the factory, and we’re ready to roll. I’ll try to get this GB live tonight or tomorrow mid-day at latest. Thanks for your patience everyone! :slight_smile:


That is great news! Looking forward to it.


Furiously refreshing Keebtalk forums =)


it me




I’m working on sending out an email to my email list shortly to announce the opening of the GB, but we can call this the KeebTalk “soft launch.” Let’s move the discussion over there to that thread.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement here in the IC. It has been a long road to get this thing finally ready (I always forget how much is involved in launching one of these things!), but I’m really happy with how this project has shaped up and am looking forward to moving this into production soon!