The Heavy-6 (now resurrected in polycarbonate)

With the keyboard installed, it weighs 3.2 pounds, or just around a 1kg–heavier than you would expect for something that’s clear polycarbonate of its size.

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Has anyone ever posted the black on black keycap variant with polycarb? I checked the Mark II poly images and didn’t see one. Anyone got a pic? Might go that route.

Leopold needs to make an FC660C RGB version hahaha

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Im in the same boat, I have a TX-66 on the way because I fell in love with my Heavy-6, wanted some custom cap options. But damnit do I want this!

I’ll take one off your hands if having three is a problem for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like how this is causing me to have FOMO despite not having a FC660C


I love the shit out of my Heavy-6, but hated the PC on my Noxary 268.2, this though… I don’t want to spend the money lol but I need to

Here’s a quickie sunlit pic of mine, I originally bought a RGB RF for it and it matches very well, but I think the deeper feel of the stock 55g version in polycarb is worth the trade off for no lighting. I put the RGB in a VHS case.
This is easily my favorite board to type on and an FC660C version being offered is the quickest no-hesitation keyboard purchase I’ve fired off, thanks Ryan!


Looks great. Cool modifiers. Where are they from?

Assorted Hotkeys Project pieces I had lying around from sifting through their website and the Serika-related buy.

Wow, that looks nice… Luckily I don’t have an FC660C lying around… yet.

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I go away for a while and the Heavy-6 goes polycarbonate? damn.

The heavy-6 looks so good in polycarb…

It’s definitely in the top 3 keyboards I currently own


In case anybody is wondering, @Goguma got a prototype. The actual production run is still being manufactured right now. :slight_smile:


Beautiful! By the way, you can get a single 2.25u shift key from RAMA for that set. I asked them for one because I wanted to use Heavy Industry on my incoming TX-66 and they sent me one, all I had to pay was shipping. Still it was $6 for one key haha. I ended up selling the set so sadly I never got to see it fully realized on a board.


Say WHAT?! Yo, I got shipping info. Good lord you are quick.

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Quarantine productivity ftw.


This is going to be a long week haha.

It’s a beauty.

I had two screws that were a bit reluctant to screw in straight and make a sound like a hamster getting strangled, but everything else was smooth as expected.

Very excited to use this.