The International Kit - A new podcast for the Mechanical Keyboards community - Episode 1


Welcome to The International Kit, a new podcast about mechanical keyboards incorporating a European perspective!

Hosted by @egla and @kwerdenker, we want to bring something a bit different from the existing options to the community. The International Kit is an audio only podcast focusing on one topic per episode which we’ll talk more in-depth about. We also incorporate the European perspective on things, since we feel this is a point of view currently underrepresented. Hopefully more often than not, we’ll be supported in this by a guest or two and for our very first episode we were lucky enough to have the well known @Jae-3soteric join us as we talk a bit about himself, the behemoth of a keyboard the H7 and how it is running a GB for the first time. Jae was a real blast to talk to and his insights into what makes a successful GB could be valuable for anyone who might plan to do something similar in the future.

Since we’re still waiting on Apple to review us for distribution on their podcast directory but didn’t want to postpone putting out this episode any longer, you can currently listen to it by either getting it directly from our site here or by subscribing to our RSS feed in your podcast or reader app of choice.

We’d be happy to see you on our Discord server and talk with you about the episode, the project or anything else keyboard related. You can also find us on Twitter under @the_int_kit or Reddit as /u/international_kit. We also plan to do some keyboard related streams/ videos in the upcoming future and for that were are on Youtube and Twitch.

Thank you for your interest and we’re looking forward to all your comments, suggestions and other input!


This is great work guys and I was stoked to be your first guest :slight_smile:


I see there is no way to change the volume on the website? Triggered. Please tell me there is but I just don’t see it.


And subscribed.
I’ve seen you around the community and am interested in your podcast, fellow german.
Even though i’ve successfully converted to the ANSI guys. :smiley:

Good luck on your endeavors!


Oh my, hopefully we can convince you to come back into the loving embrace of ISO :grin:

Thank you for the support!


Subbed to the yt channel, I have yet to listen to the podcast (even though i’m converted to ANSI as well ;))


Amazing to see for me as a German member of the community


Really looking forward to it.
PS: I know you from Instagram, your pictures are stunning.
Will you be at the Frankfurt Meetup?


Thank you! I’m considering coming to Frankfurt but not yet sure if I’ll be able to make it.


Looking forward to hearing about the European perspective on this niche community.


I’m always happy to see new content creators in our hobby! I’m really happy we have another perspective to listen to and learn from! :smiley:
I can’t wait to hear more from y’all.


Congrats on this iniciative!


Thank you very much! Means a lot to us being welcomed by those people that inspired us to do this in the first place :slight_smile:


Thank you! Hope you enjoy the podcast :slight_smile:


Thanks everybody for the great reception! Can’t wait to get going again