The Japanese keeb community is at it again!

Wanted to share a cool find (you likely need Chrome Translate to check it out): GL516 case

A PCB featured in the case: A52GL PCB

Couple of points as I am skimming through:

  • Case is modular and can have different PCBs, with or without Bluetooth. Can have PRO Micro or not (I am assuming this helps keep things cheap).

  • Gasket mount

  • Ability to have a swappable back plate to color match keycaps :thinking:

  • Can swap in different “face plates” so that different layouts can be used as long as it fits in a standard 60% style case.

Really cool stuff!


That’s very interesting, looks like some convergent evolution there too, because Protozoa’s “Foundation” keyboard seems to have some similar features to the configurations.

Although I should be clear that the ONLY thing modular about the Foundation is the top panel.

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This was a fun read, thanks for sharing!!

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