Hi friends, here’s the pilot episode. Try using this to test our your own keyboard trivia knowledge in a Jeopardy format :slight_smile:

Time stamp for when it actually begins is linked:


Loved watching this even though I missed so many questions. Also watching hiney get progressively more upset to just giving up was hilarious

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Change the name to “Drink Some Beers With Hiney” and make it a requirement that only right answers get to take a drink, and I’ll watch this every week.

I think you could get some real audience participation with that format.

Needs to move faster, also.


Pretty awesome concept to me Huey! I really had fun playing along just watching the YT video, so I can only imagine it would be that much funner being part of the live stream. Although you definitely need to figure out a way to mark which questions have been picked already & streamline the process a little bit, but all in all I’d call this a winning idea for sure! Maybe you could even have special events where fans are the contestants & have a small prize for the winner on those occasions. That would be killer IMO, either way though love to see the creativity bud!

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Hi friends!

Just wanted to bump this because I wanted to let you all know tomorrow will be a special KEY QUIZ!

Tomorrow at 6PM PT, there will be 4 guests. It’s going to be the showdown between Top Clack and Mechs on Deck!

You can watch along on my stream;


On Friday it was a very exciting episode with Mechs on Deck and Top Clack. This was perhaps one of the most challenging episodes yet! Here’s the VOD if you want to follow along and see how well you score:

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It was an awesome stream bud, definitely looking forward to the next one!

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