The man behind the HHKB appreciation post

Hey guys, I got a chance to meet Matsumoto-san last weekend in Japan at the Genka bar event in Tokyo. This guy is awesome!

He’s been the person in charge of HHKB at PFU since it was first released. All the cool stuff about HHKB, like the HHKB HG keyboard with the urushi keycaps, the HHK Beer, PFU meetups in Japan, the partnership with Bird Electron… all of that is thanks to Matsumoto-san.

As Kutsuwada-san said in the HHKB online meetup with @Manofinterests and Chase a little bit ago, the strength of HHKB is with the community and the users. Lets see if we can get #welovematsumotosan trending on social media! We haven’t seen Ricoh’s influence on HHKB yet but I know all of us love what the Matsumoto-san led HHKB team has done so far!