The MechGroupBuys website is live!

Hey everyone!

I run r/mechgroupbuys and the discord server. I’ve been working on a website for the past month that will keep track of the major group buys. It is all manually maintained by my team and I. Feel free to check it out and I will appreciate all feedback!


If you would like to check out our subreddit and discord, it is listed below.


Discord: Discord


Thanks for doing this for the community! I really like the fact you’re covering all the bases with a website, subreddit, & Discord channel! I bookmarked & subbed to them all. This will be a great resource for keeping up with things when I don’t have the time to be on the forums. :+1:

Congratulation on launching. Very cool. I have a side-project named BuyerDaily that’s more general but I haven’t had time to work on it lately. Too many side-projects.

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NICE man!

This is an awesome idea; bookmarked the site =)

Possible suggestions:

  • Remove the cart if this is just an aggregator; it may confuse people? (didn’t confuse me, but I could see how it could confuse some people)

  • Put an Upcoming GroupBuys section if the GB is a month away

  • Reach out to the vendors and/or the keycap/keyboard designers to also start posting on your site when their GB is one month away so after a while, you don’t have to continue scouring GH for information
    (not that it’s really that difficult; I actually keep track of Interest Checks I’m interested in, within a Goolge Sheets lol. I also include the GB date, and possible amount I’m going to spend on it haha…edit: I also have a list of Group Buys I’m currently a part of and have the projected delivery date. Typically just put the month or quarter)

  • Adjust the functionality of your site so you can give access to vendors and keycap/keyboard designers (with your approval of course)…I don’t code, so not really sure how feasible this is

  • After the last two, this is dependent on if you’re looking to make some kind of income on this. Basically, you can set it up similar to Amazon search, where you can set up deals with the vendors and/or keycap/keyboard designers where you get something for every person you drive to their page…I remember when I first got into this hobby, I thought there was so much information out there and it’s really not easy to find. A site like this would open things up to beginners and make this hobby a little more accessible

  • Ohhh, one last one…If available, perhaps put the estimated ship date. I know Rama doesn’t really provide that, but their products typically ship within 5-6 months, so perhaps you can put that


This is great! Thanks for putting time into this. I’ve subscribed to the subreddit too.

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With the creation of this and the new website I think there really is some opening up into more resources for tracking these things and that is not a problem. Good job!


Thank you for all the suggestions! The cart sign is there because we have a small shop with stickers of our logo. That is if anyone wishes to support us. And thank you for your input and suggestions.

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This seems to be a WordPress based site, but the RSS feeds at the common locations (tried and seem to contain no items. (They seem valid RSS feeds, but just without any entries.)

Is this on purpose or could this be fixed? I’d love to subscribe to the site with rss2email. :slight_smile:

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Just my 2 cents.
Add at least a minimum of security. => no rewrite of login URL, no limit for login retries. This is easily bruteforceable.

add this: WP Cerber Security, Anti-spam & Malware Scan – WordPress plugin |

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That is something I could look into!

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Thank you for this. Plugin is installed

Love this! Thank you so much for building and organizing it.


Now this, I like this. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to make this!


Glad you like it! Just a reminder that the website will go through many changes to make it better.


@MechGroupBuys is the site down? I’ve had trouble loading it for 2 days now.


They’ve got an auth issue so the HTTPS address isn’t working. Instead use HTTP://

They’re working on getting S back.