The Most Expensive HHKB

It’s been a year that I want HHKB. But it’s expensive and difficult to buy in Thailand.
After I saw Ryan Norbauer release the Heavy Grail, I think this might be my 60% end game.
So, this is my first time trying to buy HHKB.
Beside HHKB HG that is not for sell. I believe, I’ve got the most expensive HHKB today.
On Wednesday 17th March 2021, I ordered HHKB from Buyee (Rakuten’s 5% Discount).

25th March 2021, I received HHKB.

But there is a problem with Bluetooth connection.
I asked PFU support for help. I’ve been recording 4 videos until they are completely sure that HHKB is broken. PFU staff told me that “We have shipped over 40,000 HHKB units, but this is our first experience with this incident”.

Bluetooth connection problem on macOS

Bluetooth connection problem on Windows

Bluetooth connection problem on iPhone

I sent HHKB back to PFU on 31st March 2021. PFU sent the new HHKB back on 7th April 2021.

But this HHKB manufacturing date is 2020-01-20. PFU staff told me that they guarantee the qualities and the hardware of HHKB (2020, Rev. A0) is the same as the new HHKB (2021, Rev. A2).

HHKB Expense Detail
HHKB 312.87 USD (5% Discount)
Buyee service fee: 7.49 USD
Shipping cost from Japan to Thailand: 22.55 USD
1st round tax: 22.81 USD
Shipping cost from Thailand to Japan: 37.07 USD
2nd round shipping cost from Japan to Thailand: 19.17 USD
2nd round tax: 56.71 USD
Total: 478.71 USD

In conclusion, my experience buying HHKB for the first time. I paid around 479 USD for HHKB Rev. A0 manufacturing date 2020-01-20. And I have to wait for 27 days to receive it.

If anyone want to buy this HHKB, please let me know. You’ll get one of the most expensive HHKB :cry:


Crappy Hacking Keyboard


Should have bought a niz :^)

But seriously that’s unfortunate, you’re probably the (un)luckiest hhkb owner. Maybe you can flex having 1/40,000 keyboard lol?

I’m using Niz 87. I can’t wait to see their Haskell TKL.