The Phoenix Project No 1, a PCB replacement for the RAMA M65-A keyboard (now open source !)

Rico I still am unsure why you have undertaken this project… seemingly without a m65 of your own.

But I am extremely thankful for it that’s for damn sure!

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Thank you, it is just to help people like you;)

Aside from that I don’t indent the hassle of making a regular big GB (too much effort for an individual).
But other people will be free to do so with the files :slight_smile:
I’ll still have a few to sell anyway: 4 hotswap PCBs and full plates will be available.
And I may even make a few Rev 2 solder versions for you people :stuck_out_tongue:


The hotswap PCB is here and flawless.

Love the sound signature of this plate, too


Hot damn that Hydro blue! Love the board and thanks a ton @Rico would love to grab some PCBs either from yourself or with the files :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that the Phoenix Project No 1 is now open source !!!

The Github repository is available at the following link:

The selected licence is permissive enough so that you can sell the PCB if you want to.

This is a very early commit and things are still missing or need improvements:

  • No firmware source code, only uf2 binary (I plan to push it on the QMK repository).
  • Lack of documentation on reset/flash procedure.
  • Lack of documentation on how to send PCB for fabrication at JLCPCB.
  • Lack of documentation on how to make and install the grounding cable.

What has been tested:

  • JLCPCB fabrication/assembly for Type H PCB (no assembly for USB housing).
  • Test fit of full plate and Type H PCB Rev2 and firmware (thanks @pixelpusher for your great help !).

What still need to be tested:

  • JLCPCB assembly of Type S with USB housing.
  • Half plate Rev2 manufacturing.

I am open to any suggestions on improvements of the repository content !

See you :slight_smile: