The Thocc - A podcast about the mechanical keyboard community

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Hello Everyone!

Although we have already announced it in several other channels I figured I would do so here as well in case some are still not familiar with our Podcast.

The motto of our show is “A podcast about the mechanical keyboard hobby and what makes it tick”, yes we know it could have been “click” but lets just say there will be an easter egg in each episode about it…

The podcast is hosted by me VogonPT and ThereminGoat and we count on interviewing several people in the community as well as discuss several topics related to the hobby.

You can find us either through your podcast application of choice, being Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music / Audible or our website

We also have a twitter account (@thethocc) where you can be notified of any new episode being released.

We hope you enjoy it!

VogonPT and ThereminGoat.


Cool! Will listen to it while I fall asleep tonight!

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Pretty nice and informative, and this is just the start!

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Awesome! Subscribed. :grin:

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Was just thinking about looking for something like this. Thanks

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