The Twitch streamer behind Tfue’s custom $3,500 mechanical keyboard


Yay! Big congrats to @TaehaTypes! Making it to the BIG leagues :smiley:

It’s great that we are getting more and more coverage on the keyboard community. Hopefully this can draw more and more people to the hobby to enjoy this crazy little thing we call Keebs.


Is it finally time for a post MOQ era (famous quote of @Manofinterests)???


I missed this one, what is a “post MOQ” era, and how does it relate to what is, essentially, custom coach building. You know, like how Rolls Royce used to supply the motor and the undercarriage, but the rest was built to buyer specifications using a whole different company?

Tangentially, I don’t think 3.5 kilobucks is anywhere near the top of where this could go. Give it enough time, and this will get featured on Antiques Roadshow one day.

I’m thinking I should probably save my receipts and packaging.