The Ultimate Frankenswitch



The perfect switch to complement GMK Explorer.


It’s so disguisting. I love it.

It’s beautiful :heart_eyes_cat:

More importantly, how does it feel?

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Put GMK Handarbeit on these babies.

Pretty sure it’s atrocious. Judging by Walker’s video on TTC Gold housings, they’re wobbly, scratchy and sound like crap. Plus that looks like an Aliaz stem — not exactly known as the king of keyfeel.

hope I don’t hear “please… kill… me” in the background :laughing:

It’s made for endgame looks, not feel, duh

I think it’s time to build a 108-key monstrosity and use that board as some kind of punishment for those who commit some crime against the community

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Make then type “I will not murder innocent people” until they get the switches to fail.

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