There's a snappier MX switch than the Holy Panda

My friend recently showed me a new switch that he made, using the stem of an aristotle with a j-spacer and the housing of a panda. It surprised me at how much it felt like a Holy Panda. It really does. Except a shorter bump. It’s as if the bump of a holy panda has been stretched down like what happens when you decrease the height of an imagine in photo shop. The same kind of lead up and fall off, just in a few amount of tenths of millimeters. The biggest takeaway is how snappy it was. It was probably more tactile than a holy panda, but what I can say for certain is just how snappy it was. The aristotle gb is still going on for a few more days so you should join if you want to reproduce these switches.


Can you please provide a link to the GB?

Here you go

I for one am already in, and will be using the stems for some Zealiostotles, but this also sounds like a neat mod and it makes me glad I signed up for extras so I can try both.

Now I just need to commit to getting a switch modding station…


I would think pretty much any clicky stem with the Jailhouse mod will give you very close to the same effect. The jailhouse mod puts the physical bump down on the stem down further than regular tactile stems & I think it makes it pitch forward towards the leaf a bit too which increases tactility. Wish I had sone Aristotle stems to test with, I have put jailhoused Cherry white stems in Panda housings & found it to feel pretty similar to what you described. The tactility was about the same as a Halo stem, not greater though. Anyways thanks for the heads up! :+1:

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Thanks for the link.

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I had a hard time justifying spending money on a switch modding station also, since I got by just fine sorting with cups & lubing them loose. Although now that I got one of qlavier’s stations I would highly recommend grabbing one! It really does make keeping track of everything much easier & is just a great QOL upgrade to have if you mod switches frequently.

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Well, I’ve done precisely zero switch modding or lubing or anything but hey maybe this’ll be a good time to start (most likely I’ll be lazy and just send a bunch of stuff over to one of the fantastic and incredible experts who hang out here and pay them to do some modding/lubing for me)

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Hmmm I’ve heard of this, but I think the main concern for most people is the general inconsistencies that aristotle stems have -_-. I do wish that a remake of aristotles could exist that would remove their horrible tolerances.


For sure. Initial reviews of prototypes are positive in that regard (glad this is a 2.0 remake of Aristotles that is trying to solve these issues) but we’ll obviously have to see with the finished product how that shakes out.

Sounds great but I’m going to wait for the final version.