Thinnest Keyboard?

(Asking for a friend) What is the thinnest keyboard you can get? Doesn’t have to be mechanical. Thin to the max, which likely excludes a lot of mech builds. 3d printed designs are also acceptable.

Laser thin


:joy: Thats about as thin as it can go. Problem solved! Thank you. lol

So I’ve recommended most ultra-thin modern consumer boards. Logitech, HP, etc. They’re thinner by design. And obviously the current apple keyboards.

Also, if she’s willing to go mechanical. The Drop SHIFT (she likes full-size) combined with some low-profile switches and caps could be a solution. What are some good low-profile silent switches and caps?

Great recommendations. Thank you.

Another super thin option…

But it’s typing characteristics are… well it’s just a horrible keyboard.

I would take the laser light keyboard over that. But yeah… its thin!

This one has a pretty thin profile also, but the design is a little more intense.

The Hexgears X-1 is one of the slimmest mechanical keyboards I’ve seen, and I think the design is pretty sleek despite the slightly odd layout with the upper nav cluster being replaced with a compact numpad. It’s OOS on Kono right now but there’s someone selling one on mechmarket.


Nice one. Thanks for the link.

If you want a mainstream mech board I’d say

22mm thin

It’s also wireless so plus or minus there.

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Last year I decided to try and see how thin a keyboard I can make with Kailh sunken choc switches. Got it down to 12mm, but had to make my own stabs out of paperclips:


Awesome. Thanks for posting.