This keyboardbelle

Hi everyone, I’m new here, also new to keyz world.
I’ve found something on keyboardbelle’s images that drives me crazy!
I tried to contact them but unfortunately it was the time they suspend their work.

I hope to find someone here to help me create a copy of this beauty.

I’m just asking about the keys and the PCB.

Also, if anyone knows that the pink color is a mono led here, or it’s a custom RGB led?

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The keys look like generic “pbt pudding” keycaps. They are nice in that they allow shine through. Here is an example on Amazon -

However if you are interested in them, check AliExpress. They are all over there and you can get different sets if needed. Essentially some sets over more layout options with the number of keys included.

The case looks to be like a clear/frosted plastic. If memory serves me right, Keyboardbelle cases were 3d printed. The color you see would be RGB lighting coming from under the PCB, set to the particular color. Most PCBs do not support underglow/case lighting and per key RGB lighting, so the fact that this person is using shine through keycaps is likely just because they were cheap or on hand.

However it sounds like you can get per key rgb and underglow in some boards if you are willing to do some work - A guide detailing how to enable underglow on the Zeal60 with WS2812 LEDs. · GitHub

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thanks for your reply, you’ve covered almost everything here as far as I see.
I saw your github link, is that means I’ve to put a LED strip under the PCB for the underglow like this? not to depend on the PCB leds, right?

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You can buy a pcb with rgb lights already soldered to the underside.

The dz60 is flexible with layouts and has underglow

The Instant60 is hotswap, has underglow and per-key rgb backlighting, white only apparently Instant60 PCB – CannonKeys

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sounds cooool, thank you

@Laughmaster 's suggestion of “Instant60” is probably your best and easiest option.

The github link I posted was just an example of some work you might have to do to get underglow and per key RGB. However, the Instant60 solves that in a pre-built package.

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FWIW I double checked the specs and the per key backlighting is white only on the instant60. The underglow is rgb though.


for sure, and thanks for the suggestion

so you suggest to cancel the instant60 right cause of mono white led?
you mean the second link of " DZ60 REV 3.0 60% MECHANICAL KEYBOARD PCB" is RGB one?

It really comes down to what you want?

Do you want a rainbow light up in a clear/frosted case like the original picture you posted? Then you want underglow.

Do you want rainbow light up keys? Then you want per key RGB.

If you want both, looks like you will have to look into other options cause most PCBs don’t seem to offer RGB underglow AND RGB per key.


it’s all good now, I’ve figured it I’ll cancel per key RGB option then, thank you

Keyboardbelle cases are still available on etsy from @Bs3DPrintShop here it doesn’t look that exact case is available but there are some similar ones

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I’ve contacted him, he told me will make one for me, I just ask about the inside.

The keys look like they might be Drop Skylight white caps

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I think they might be Vortex shine through harvested from another board.


Thanks man

Thanks for this shine

I want one badly but the 50 eur shipping is killing it

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