This Week in Keyboards

I kind of realize that what I suggest is borderlineing to a full-time job but whatever you do I will continue to watch your work. :+1:


I assume you’re thinking of removing desk mat discussion from TWIK so that you can host a desk mat only spin-off.

I can see it now… :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon: :thought_balloon:

“Desk Mat Chat” is a weekly, in-depth review of all things mat. From the most innovative designs inspired by an anime to the latest in neoprene blend innovation, Huey’s got you covered.

Each week Huey will review the top ten must-have mats and the hottest desk mat drama that has the whole mat community talking.

Every episode will end with the segment “Mat Matters” where Huey gives us his everyday whimsical takes on the amusing absurities and annoyances of the mat lifestyle.


I’d watch that.

@Manofinterests in re your dilemma: I’d say go with every two weeks

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Just curious where you get your GB news.

Discord, and mech merlin streams/YouTube

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