Thocciest Plastic?

What is the thocciest plastic you know of? I’m building a keeb and want to know what plastic to use, HDPE and ABS are the obvious options, but I want something more unique. Polycarbonate is another option, as well as POM. What are your thoughts?

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POM. Among the keysets I have, POM and PPS keysets are thockiest. Given that PPS is hard to put legend on, POM is the more reasonable choice. Haven’t tried HDPE.


Yes, POM is also the " thocciest" i have try.

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What about a POM plate and case? I’d assume the results would be similar, but I haven’t tried it.

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Check out how thock-y this boy is with the polycarbonate plate - BUDGET THOCK KING - KBD67 Lite R2 Custom Keyboard Review - YouTube

For a POM plate and case, look up some typing vids on ProjectKeyboard’s Sirius - Sirius – Project Keyboard

It is the only board that I know of that is made entirely out of POM.


not to shill but… POM plateless build with lubed and filmed mx blacks P⁴KCR3 Announcement. - YouTube


I have watched your video a couple times before, but I think your timestamp really points out how bouncy that board is, holy cow! Good luck with the GB!

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To be honest, doesn’t sound as thoccy as I expected. That said, there is obviously way more to sound than just raw material of the case.

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POM keycaps are thocky but POM plates I’ve used didn’t contribute much to making a keyboard thockier so I doubt POM case will do much in that respect either.

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By thocky I usually assume we mean both low pitched and loud. A long stemmed tactile will up the volume, Gazzew u4ts being the lowest pitched I know of. You’d want to very lightly lube with something thick but not too thick. 205g0 will mute the switch more than you’d probably like, but something thin won’t bring the pitch down. 3204 applied sparingly is likely best.

Then keycaps play a big role, but it looks like that’s been narrowed to POM. PBT SA profile caps are also great amplifiers and pitch down-tuners.

A case can’t be too dense (like any sort of metal) or it will reflect and accentuate more high frequencies. Plastic is probably the way to go, that or wood. I’d use plate foam (to cut some highs) and no case foam (because low frequencies need space to resonate).

Oh, plates. Like others said, plastic material plates don’t really lend themselves to this sound profile necessarily as they tend to absorb more sound; you’ll get more volume with something like brass or aluminum. But this bit is up to taste.

That was fun. Good luck!


do my eyes deceive me? is that really an instock listing for every sirius variant?

Yeah! I was surprised by that as well. I was just referencing the board, I didn’t know that it finally came back around. :smiley:

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