Thoughts on RamaWorks Duck Switches?

I am interested by the use of “mounting pads” to eliminate stem wobble, but can’t stomach paying $78 for just 70 switches.

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So far, most thoughts I’ve seen could be paraphrased the same way.

Hard to pay Rama prices on switches when there’s already so many good ones available - still, seems like a cool idea.

Are those pads really needed? in my experience modern switches don’t need any films anyway, at least if you’re opening them 1-2 times.

glorified gateron yellows with “built in film” imo. and i think just getting gateron yellows and films is a lot cheaper than that, too. not impressed. but i also haven’t had the chance to try one so maybe they are amazing. who knows.


@ventamora Amen. Exactly what I was thinking.


Overpriced, but I still preordered 90 switches to see how it will sound and feel.

Like everything from RAMA, imho, overhyped and overpriced.