Thoughts on ZoomTKL and QK75?

I had the great advice that, since I now have an abundance of switches and keycaps, it only makes sense to buy another keyboard for them, ahem :wink:

Two GB that currently have my attention are the ZoomTKL and the QK75, they both seem solid and -to me- good looking boards, and I don’t mind the idea of Bluetooth. They also seem to be flexible enough to be modded towards a sound profile I like (whatever that might be by the time they arrive…). And budget-wise they’re both ok.

I already have a 75 layout keyboard, so leaning towards the Zoom, but wanted to check with what people, who already own of of the other QK or Zoom keyboards, think of them?

I doubt you can go wrong with either. I have the Zoom65 and love it!

I also just built my WKL QK60, and that one is my current daily driver.

I am going in on the QK75, but will likely pick up the Zoom TKL on an R2 or it’s next restock, as I am assuming they will likely keep restocking every 90ish days like they do with the Zoom65.


Thanks, that’s very helpful! I didn’t realise that the Zoom keyboards might keep coming back.

I love the Wild Green…and those JTK keycaps, but they are cherry 🫣

I like your setups - looking swish! Are you happy with the sound?

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Oh, on the Zoom65, that’s not wild green, it just just the standard black case from the Olivia Dark version, and the keycaps are Aluvia with the “hihihi” novelty enter key and a polished copper novelty ESC key. I also swapped out the lnob and bottom weight for the rose gold ones to match the rest of the build.

This was kind of my *first * “endgame” board.

I went with the full foam config, FR4 plate, stock WS stabs, and lubed Alpaca switches. I definitely feel like I got a return on my time invested, as it sounds great to me. Perfect summer board because between the keycaps and my wrist rest, the aluminum keeps everything cool.

The QK60, I went with the bottom case foam, no plate foam, FR4 plate, stock Owlab stabs, and lubed KTT Rose switches. Keycaps are Osume Mochi. It’s quieter than the Zoom65, but it’s so nice to use all day. Being wireless is also an added bonus.

I went WKL and split-backspace on my configuration because I felt it balanced out the top row, and I liked the shine-through of the blockers through the acrylic, but could commit to the HHKB layout.

The QK60 went together smooth as can be. The Zoom65 I followed the build guide because there are a couple of steps you need to pay attention to, but nothing too crazy.

Qwertykeys and Meletrix are both killing it in the “Entry Level” quality department.

alexotos has build streams/reviews on both:


You honestly cant go wrong with either one :+1::+1:


Ah sorry, my bad, I meant in the promo pictures for the TKL, ahem.

But I’m glad you explained you config, because now that I had a closer look again, I realise just how perfectly it comes together! A really great looking board!

I am curious what you like about the FR4 plates - I tried one briefly in my Ginkgo and really disliked the sound, not sure exactly why, maybe a bit to much “in-your-face” for me despite all the foam I stuffed in ? :face_with_monocle: or maybe I just didn’t give it enough of a chance… I put in a POM plate yesterday and I love it! Together with the Black Sesame switches it sounds lovely to me.

I guess it’s a nice dilemma to have to decide between two equally great boards :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I can’t quite bring myself to go past the beginners segment (famous last words), so I’ll ponder a little longer.

Next step will be finding a nice full or 1800 keyboard for my brother under $250 (preferably before Christmas…). I keep going back to Keychron, but I feel there’s something more interesting out there.

I actually don’t mind POM. I have it on another board I own. I picked it mainly to help diffuse the RGB on the board the board itself wasn’t flexy at all.

I’m a linear fan, and am just now starting to come around to long poles, so FR4 was a good mix between fit, sound, and looks for me. I am still trying to find an aluminum plate that I like, but haven’t found one yet.

I have a forged carbon plate for my Iron165 that I will put in when my hotswap PCB ships next month. Right now, it has the stock aluminum plate and solder PCB. It’s not bad, but not my favorite feeling/sounding board in my collection. It’s beautiful to look at though!

I have PC, CF, and FR4 coming with my Sonnet in January because I have a feeling like that board is going to be my main for a loooooong time. Was even considering the copper plate to match my weight, but will wait until after I build it to see if I don’t find perfection in my other 3 plates.

Those Black Sesame switches are my next switch pick-up. I can never seem to get them paid for in my cart before they sell out.

Keychron honetly doesn’t make awful boards, as long as you go in not looking for something flexy. I have a Q1 V2, and after some minor modding and swapping out like 4 sets of stabs, I have found a combo that works for me.

Board is still pretty stiff, but it’s easy to work on and it a solid build at it’s price point. I use it a bunch to test out switch and keycap combos. Learned a lot about tuning and modding stabs on that board as well.

Keychron has LOTS of options that are priced really well, and stuff is in-stock most of the time. :+1:

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I’m probably going to get the Zoom TKL. Seems like a good mix of options and a really neat design with the glass bottom. Only thing I’m worried about is the shade of green, one of the people who reviewed the board got a green unit and it didn’t look anything like the render/proto but hopefully that’s just a matter of green being hard to capture on camera.


I am really hyped for the QK75. I already have a QK60 and Link65 here and both are just amazing. So the QK75 fits in perfectly and the best thing of all: it comes with an ISO PCB option. That really makes me happy as a ISO User.
Also the colors are just great, the Ano Green and Spray Coated Black look just very great.


that does look like a great board! Tempted myself, but am still trying to be reasonable :wink:

I really like the black sesames! feel good, sound good - they are just right for me.

I I have the Q1 V2 as well, and am waiting for a POM plate, hopefully it comes next week. Been trying out a few different switches, but nothing so far ‘clicks’. We’ll see igf the POM plate changes that. I otherwise quite like it. I really like the grey and yellow keycaps, I just wish they were thicker and less, well, thin and cheap. I haven’t changed the stabs, they seemed fine after some lubing, but we’ll see. I think Keychron will work nicely for my brother, without being too intimidating - just need it to have a numpad, and then he can fiddle and mod to his heart’s content. :wink:

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I really like the green! I think whatever shade, it’ll look quite nice, though keycaps might be tricky…maybe the Dandy ones? but they’re expensive and Cherry (not a fan of cherry). Perhaps something along the lines of botanical, but both of those could also be too much green…maybe something grey… :slight_smile:


yes ISO is hard to find in hot swap particular, I’ve learned in looking for a keyboard for my brother! And then there’s the keycaps…if you have any hot tips for German Iso sets, let me know :slight_smile:

I really like both keyboards, and am stuck on the fence - though I’ve just heard on the radio, that indecisive people are more intelligent than decisive one :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll take that as my excuse :smiley:


PBTFans with International Kits is my favorite right now. Nearly every set has it available right now and some sets even come with relegendable keys. I am totaly in love with those. Some Group buys are having extras available now from ePBT, KAT, KAM, MW and GMK often nowadays which is also nice.

For ISO DE i try to keep a small list with many options, maybe you can find something:

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Whoa! Thank you, that’s amazing!