Three way button


Did someone know DIY keebs with this potentiometers with three position? I mean 1 dimensional joystick, as for example asus rog azoth has?
Seems like it’s very complicated to find springloaded pots on market…
But it seems very comfortable to have one for example for scrolling. Is it even a good idea for realisation or encoder/trackpad is better?

Maybe it just a silly idea in my head:) But enyway why we don’t use thing like that in custom keebs?

Need to know keebtalk experts opinions!

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Some diy splits do have a joystick option. The Splitkb Elora comes to mind with its joystick module. I wouldn’t mind having one!


Oh, nice to know:)
I’d saw that qmk has joystick feature but didn’t see keebs with that.
Maybe I will test one


There’s also the Libra Mini with joystick, still on my, don’t need but absolutely would like to get list


I’m accidentally find on tiktok this part:

It calls navigation button. In my dreams it’s very interesting to see how it works for example to scroll.

I actually do have one like that on the first mp3 player I got. From that one, it’s pretty stiff. Would not really be my first choice of navigation piece on a keyboard tbh.

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It’s just a random idea, I’m in searching for some exotic or nostalgic stuff

And I think maybe it’s not a bad idea to have this part like Bat43 keyboard have

So I think maybe it’s quite interesting to play around it. Placing navigation button on same place where Bat43 has buttons, is it just stupid idea or unique feature? But yeah, it’s definitely something additional, just a bonus buttons.

I’ve got a few of those, and @exen904 is correct, they’re sorta stiff. They are also easy to break if you put much force perpendicular to it. Those look like right angle tactile switches across the bottom. I guess the idea is to hit them with your thumbs? (I’d not be a fan, as those switches can be all over the place in terms of how much force it takes to activate them.)

If you’re looking for exotic/nostalgic, the iPod navigation wheel is an interesting one that you can pick up parts for. See ANO Directional Navigation and Scroll Wheel, e.g.

The Blackberry trackball could be another interesting option. Seems pretty common on lots of sites, so random example from eBay.

In the realm of utterly silly, I’d definitely go for a board that had big ole’ toggle switches, especially if they have mollyguards. :crazy_face:

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Thank you for great ideas! Something like ANO navigation wheel seems really interesting! Why not? :slight_smile:
I agree that big toggle switches have a special place in my heart. If you able toggle something like nitro switch like in fast and furious movie, it’s definitely another level of typing experience:)

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