Tip Tip Hurrah linear switch mod

This weekend I wanted to see if I can make linear switches more appealing to me so came up with this mod:

Tip Tip Hurrah mod: Snip off the tip of an unused switch stem (I used stems from panda switches) then dropped it into linear switch stem hole. This in-effect recreates the sound of Halo stem in a linear switch.

My result with Gat. Yellow was much more satisfying bottom-out sound. I suspect Gat. Ink or Cream will sound even better. Key travel reduction, however, was more noticeable than Halo stem in a Panda housing but I think most of that is from the inconsistent butcher job I did while snipping the tips.

Conclusion: Switch designers should consider making linear switches with slightly longer stem to enhance sound.

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In regards to the conclusion: I think Kailh linear stems are longer. I know Walker had a post on Reddit about getting more Holy panda type sounds from a linear. He used a Kailh burgundy stem in a Yok housing.

YOK burgundy typing test 2 - YouTube this was the video he shared as part of the post.

Edit: found the post https://redd.it/albaq8


Cool. I’ll try Kailh Burgundy/YOK combo when I get a chance. Thx.