TKL PCB question. What do you call it?

Is there a name for the TKL PCB that has the usb on the right but underneath the PCB and not on top?

I got a bit overzealous with reflowing the MCU on my 280 and… well… it’s toast. I was going to swap in one of the several Hiney 87 PCBs I have, but those all have the USB on top, and that won’t work. Also, I have another HMKB TKL coming that will require the same layout. The only PCB I can find that fits the bill is the Devastating TKL PCB from Cannonkeys. Is there something else out there? What do you call it to differentiate the USB location?

At least in regards to the H87a PCB, on the specs section, it’s referred to as “top side”. My assumption then would be “top side” and “bottom side” USB port.

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so it’s just 87.A “bottom-side” usb port then? I guess the devastating is my only option. I swear there used to be more out there. Hard to find anything that doesn’t have a daughter board anymore.


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I remember when there were a bunch of different Alice style PCBs coming out, “top” and “bottom” side USB was the term used. I think that is your best bet.