To the people who has Mics with a small tripod, Audio help

I have a Maono PM461TR that came with its own tripod, and my issue is that whenever I press anything on the keyboard with moderate taps, the vibrations reach over the mic and picks up the boomy sound from it, even with a shock mount (from my BM-800 microphone) And I think the thick rubber cable also absorbs the vibrations and it picks up the sound that way too. Do you guys have any methods of eliminating those low boomy frequencies without using high passes in EQ at post-production?

I also have a boom arm but my desk has no space for the mic stand to attach to, it is a frustrating predicament…

Boom Arm if possible.

If not, maybe a floor stand next to your desk or next to where your sitting with the mic?


You definitely want to separate your mic from your desk if possible. Is there a way to attach a shock mount to your current desk tripod? That should help as well


I tried but even with the shockmount, the USB cable it has transfers the vibration to the microphone diaphragm QAQ

Also weird thing to add, the shockmount I have is pretty much ineffective, tapping it still transfers sound probably due to how the mic was built, it isn’t the case with my BM-800 though

Seconding the recommendation of a floor stand - so far it’s been the only way I’ve been able to totally eliminate what you’re describing from my own recordings. I’m currently using a really cheap one and it does what it needs to, but I wouldn’t mind a more sturdy one down the road - say that to say you don’t have to spend a lot to get the benefit.

I have seen some folks do things like put a folded towel under the keeb they are recording which does help a lot in terms isolating the sound, but it doesn’t sound the same as typing on a normal deskmat or desk surface. When I’m just doing a quick reference recording, I use something soft to place my recording device on - usually a phone or standalone stereo digital recorder - and I’ve used everything from a small bean bag to a wad of socks.