Does anybody have any pictures or videos of their Tofu 96? There are not many videos on YouTube and I’m thinking about getting into the acrylic case. This is the layout I need and seems to be my best option. Thanks in advance!

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While I do not have photos of the tofu96, I can tell you that kbdfans makes a consistent product, and you’ll likely be happy with your purchase.

I’d also encourage you to look into 980/1800/CP layouts as well. I love a 96, but one of the biggest deterrents for me is the lack of homing spaces on the keyboard. Without the physical separation between the arrows, numpad, and main cluster, it was incredibly difficult for me to home correctly and I wound up finding it to be a less than optimal layout.

I agree that lack of spacing is pretty impactful. I used a KBD75 for a decent amount of time. It had a decent feel/sound/experience but the lack of spacing got me a lot.

I also recommend looking into exploded layouts like the Rekt1800 or Leopold FC980 series keyboards. There have been one or two threads recently with suggestions for these kinds of keyboards if you want more ideas.