Tom says hi

Hi I’m Tom, born in the fabulous 1983. I’ve been in this computer game for quite some time now (~22 years). I remember only being able to dial in on Friday evening for max. one hour to join IRC servers. I consider myself lucky growing up 50/50 with internet and without.

My passions are photography, landscapes in general (camping) and technology. I work as a release manager on digital products for a large outdoor retailer in Europe.

I’ve never really been a keyboard guy. I guess my wife would disagree with the accumulation of boards over the years.

At work, I work within the Apple eco-system and use a wired or wireless (depends if I need to input lots of numbers) keyboard. At home, I switch back and forth between a Corsair rubber dome keyboard or CoolerMaster Quickfire TK with Cherry MX Blues.

I like the switches but there are a few things to reconsider: I can’t get used to the TKL format, with TK. Numlock activates the TK, numlock off gives you access to arrow keys etc but I don’t get used to it.

I’m a heavy typer so I usually bottom out on all my keyboards. My children bedrooms are next to the home office, so at around 9PM I can no longer work in the home office space because of the noise of the switches.

That’s how I rolled into this. I decided to get myself a new keyboard, again, but after seeing @TaehaTypes on Twitch and Youtube, it started to grow on me to build my own. Nothing too fancy, just to get my feet wet.

I bought a Tofu 60% alu in grey second-hand and ordered Tealios V2 linears, with a 60% PCB and brass plate from KBDFans. (Still waiting for the shipment to arrive, “LHR under clearance” at time of writing). I already lubed the switches and the stabs (Krytox 205g0). I’ll be doing a left 2U shift, so I can have a right 1U shift and arrow keys on this 60% layout.

The only thing undecided is the keycaps. I have a history in development, so the Dracula theme really appeals to me but since I also love nature and the outdoors, the announced GMK Ursa is also a viable option.

Oh, and for those interested, I’m living in Belgium (born and raised). I used to live in the city center of Antwerp but moved out to “Boom”. It might not sound familiar, but it’s hosting Tomorrowland every year!


Welcome Tom, glad to see more EU people join the hobby :slight_smile:

Welcome to Keebtalk! Hope to see more from you as you feel things out!