Too Long, Don't Read

Let’s see if telling about who I grew up with if you will get a picture of who I am.

  1. video games
  2. skateboarding
  3. hip-hop
  4. punk-rock
  5. raves

Got into this hobby because after using mostly laptops since 1999 and coding professionally since 2012, in 2018 I asked a couple of coworkers at work about their keyboards. What an evolution the last two years has been. Went from a laptop with an external monitor to a collection of keyboards, artisans, keycaps, deskmats, cables and now have a full on home workstation. Not to mention my workspace at the office definitely stands out too.

Summer 2018
First two boards: left is laptop and ducky varmilo pro panda, right is Rock64 and kbparadise v60 mini

Took the v60 to work

Got JTK Toxic and found out about the mac arc and moved the macbook behind the monitors (there is a pc under the desk too)

went from 2 monitors on a pos laptop to 3

Finally found the mount to put the third monitor on the arm

Found the omotion for the laptop

What is cable management?

By October 2018 the walls were no longer naked and work was becoming zen

A few of my coworkers tried to type on this, HA!

Summer 2019
Landed GMK Necro and a bigger board

Got a TADA68

Black out Toxic with custom Zap Cable

Halloween 2019 black out Necro at the office

Merry Christmas to me

Spring 2020 found an acrylic dust cover

More zen with rock garden toned down panda board

Covid in full swing feeling Toxic

Went to work just to grab the keebs; group shot

Currently working from home; day and night

Stay safe out there!


I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of this lol - love the history and the humor! welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome! Dude. You’re killing it. :upside_down_face: neat custom loop too! Well done.

Love the story and photos. Great intro.

Welcome to the community! Love the Bebop!


What a nice desk :slight_smile:
… and no, it was not too long;)

Glad to have you here!

Loving all those many shades of green. :frog:

Agree with everything all others have said; thanks for taking the time for such a comprehensive self-introduction. I love the quirky style of your workspaces.

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I appreciate everyone’s comments. One of my favorite things about this community is the diversity of creativity! I look forward to sharing with and learning from you all.


Pictures help with the long read. You certainly have a type :grin:


Very nice setup(s) and quite the story. Thank you for sharing.

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