Top Clack builds!


For the past 2+ years Top Clack has been a mainstay of Keyboard news, reviews and builds across you tube and twitch.

Now we are welcoming our latest member, and new cohost Jae, we wanted to engage the Keebtalk audience where and when we are adding new content.

First up - we have today a build stream with Jae, building a Verne prototype from @Zambumon, along with Zealios v2 switches from Zeal, and GMK stabilisers provided by @faxe. The board is also VIA compatible, designed and implemented by Olivia and Wilba - and will be demoed live on stream as well.

Stream starts at 8pm UK / 2pm EST / 12 noon West Coast - hope to see you there :smile:


Sounds like a good time!

I’m not sure which one is off, but EST and West Coast US time should be 3 hours apart

Edit: I think it’s 3PM EST and West Coast is correct at noon

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Yes - 3pm EST!

Have you decided on the Alps clone build yet? I’ll even give you a free 3D printed 60% plate.

This week we will have a build stream on Sunday with Jae

(8pm Uk, 12 noon PST, 3pm EST)

Two builds, one stream… His and Hers builds

Zephyr, with Healios for Jae’s wife,

JER Mini with Tangerines for Jae…