Topre 6u stabilizer spacing spec

We want to offer a centered 6u spacebar in our upcoming Mode keycap sets that will work with Topre boards that are modded with MX sliders.

Does anyone happen to know the official stabilizer space spec for Topre boards from switch-stem center to stabilizer-stem center? The only info I could find on it was from this site which claims that it should be 95.25mm from stabilizer-stem to stabilizer-stem or 47.625mm from switch-stem to stabilizer-stem.

If anyone can link me to a spec it would be much appreciated.




I haven’t seen any other detailed measurements online, and I don’t have my HHKB with me (I know, not super helpful :/)…

…however, a 6u-centered spacebar fits (stock, GMK, etc.), if you have one laying around to measure.

Alternatively, if you can open STL files, you can probably get the measurements from matt3o’s MT3 spacebar file: MT3 Row 5 Spacebar STLs, all of them!

Hope that’s helpful until someone chimes in with more concrete info.

Great idea, thanks for the recommendation! The stem-center to stabilizer-center on that MT3 6u model is 47.475mm. I’m going to mock it up and 3D print a few parts to test it out.

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