Topre/EC odds and ends - pcbs, controllers, etc

UPDATE: 5/2/2024 - everything below has sold! Thank you all for your interest. I will be shipping everything out within the next few days.

Please contact me if you are still waiting for a tracking number.

Thank you - Potato
hello. i have got the following Topre/EC related odds and ends for sale:


Cipulot PCBs (replacement pcbs for Topre keyboards, QMK/VIA compatible)

EC660c plate+pcb bundles - 1 available
$145USD + shipping

The EC660c is a replacement PCB for the Leopold FC660c Topre keyboard.
Heavy-6 build notes in caption
with additional modifications to the plate, this bundle can also fit in the stock Leopold OEM plastic case.

RF R1 8-9xu “Year of the Dragon” - Realforce R1 pcb (86, 87, 89, 91u) - 1 available
$65USD + shipping

EC660c pcb only
$80USD + shipping

EC Pro X Mainboard + Pro 2 Hub
$75USD + shipping

Additional information available on my Notion page: Nekokeys

Thank you for your consideration. Please send messages if you have any questions!



update - EC Pro X Mainboard + Pro 2 Hub Controller SOLD

I’d gladly take that EC660C PCB only.

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Damn, I’m here too late. I need one more purple ProX w/ Pro2 controller for my “Purple Stuff” build.

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Hi Jason! Unfortunately I am out now, but I’ll keep an eye out for this preferred setup and lyk if I see one on the market.

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EC660c pcb only SOLD

EC660c Bundle 1 SOLD

How much for the Kuromi bags?

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for the goat?? free99 with purchase of db

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Hi I want the EC660c plate+pcb bundle.

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